Basement Waterproofing

Wet, Damp or Musty, Basement? Let the waterproofing experts at WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains worry about your basement, so you don’t have to.

Basement Waterproofing 101

Waterproofing is the process of installing an impervious barrier over the surfaces of your home’s foundation. This process may include various combinations of solutions, such as necessary wall repairs, sealing surfaces and a membrane application to seel your basement dry. Every basement is unique, and every approach we take to dry your home is designed to best suit your family, and your home. 

The Lasting Results of Waterproofing

  • Eliminates excess moisture in basements
  • Preserves the structural integrity of your home
  • Stops airborne mould spores (allergens) and smelly odours.
  • Can Increase your usable living space by 25 to 50% 
  • Optimize your property’s potential value.
  • Overall healthier living environment for your family

Waterproofing is a wise investment that increases the value of your home and adds additional space to your basement.

Protect the Integrity of Your Home

For most of us, our basements are the most sacred spaces in our house. It is where we raised our kids, watched our favourite sports games, and built the most memories. For many, a wet, damp or musty smelling basement puts a damper on everyday life, and it may seem like that day of Leafs games, and playrooms for our children are over. 

As a family-run business, we at WaterWorks Plumbing and Home Services strive to preserve the integrity of your home so you can enjoy a dry, and warm basement. 

The Two Types of Waterproofing

Internal Waterproofing: We install a water management system that drains the foundation in the base of your house.

External Waterproofing: We create a barrier to keeps your house 100% dry! Think of it as a raincoat around your house!

8 Reasons to Choose WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains

  • Locally owned and operated, serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 24 years by Michael Yuffa, the Master Plumber with over 41 years of experience 
  • You get to deal with the owner directly, rather than a pushy commissioned salesperson
  • No-money-down financing available
  • We keep the lines of communication open and are we are fully transparent
  • We find a solution for every budget
  • We specialize in basement waterproofing and have vast experience for all different types and ages of homes 
  • We take extra care preserving the integrity of your property and we treat it like our own 
  • Our company is fully licensed and insured

Next Steps to Get Your Basement Repaired Correctly

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