Here in Toronto, our municipal water treatment plants work hard to try and provide us with clean and healthy drinking water for everyday use. However, since disinfection and disease prevention remain the #1 concern for Toronto, it means that Toronto’s water is heavily chlorinated and contains large amounts of fluoride.

Additionally, after being purified, Toronto water often picks up lead and other chemicals while traveling through our home plumbing systems. This means our drinking water may need some improvement. Here are a few Toronto water purification options you have to ensure your water is properly purified…

Pitcher Water Filters

These are great for the occasional need for pure, clean drinking water. You simply fill up a pitcher which contains a filtration device, and water trickles through to the lower reservoir, granting purified water for drinking. You can keep the pitcher in the fridge so cold drinking water is readily accessible. Unfortunately, these devices are simply not large enough to purify water used for other uses than drinking. Also, filters must be replaced quite often to ensure your water stays properly filtrated.

Point-of-Use Water Filters

A point-of-use water filtration device is one which purifies water from the tap source itself. Various models can be installed on your kitchen tap or your shower to provide filtered water for drinking, cooking and bathing. There are also under the sink filters which are installed (you guessed it!) under the sink, and generally have their own dedicated faucet. These are great because they generally last longer and can be used for cooking and drinking. Your Toronto plumber will be experienced in installing this type of device.

Whole-House Water Filtration Devices

The best, most advanced device for ensuring your house has the most purified water would be a whole-house water filtration system. This means that all water is filtered as it reaches the home plumbing system, removing unwanted chemicals and chlorine byproducts. Removing the chlorine ensures better air quality as well, as it prohibits chlorine from vapourizing into the air during showers and dishwashing. This inhalation of chlorine vapour is closely connected to respiratory problems such as asthma. Calling your trusty WaterWorks plumber in Toronto & GTA to install a whole-house water purification system means that you can use your water with confidence again, and ensure the best quality health for your household. Although it is more costly than the other two options, it is the most comprehensive, beneficial and requires fewer filter changes.

Water is a fact of life for all of us. Ensure that you are getting the best water possible by considering whole home water purification. Your health will thank you!