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I just bought an apartment and we have a washing machine connected to the kitchen sink pipes. Unfortunately when the machine drain its water, the water rise in the sink showing that it is block somewhere. I tried Draino and zep and still nothing so i looked Homestars and saw WaterWorks.

I called and they were able to squeeze me in as i do not have work today. 2 gentlemen came in less that 30 minutes super polite and they explained pretty much everything to me. We decided to go along and snake the pipe and after the first try i ask Michael if he can do me a favor and snake it again and he did it with pleasure ( no additional cost). After the work is done they even clean the floor for me and make sure there is no leak anywhere.

Ladies and Gentlemen i swear if you guys need a plumber Waterworks plumbing is for you! I was scared about the money and so on but Michael made sure to explain to me each steps! Now i do not have a single problem with my kitchen sink and they even told me what to do to prevent the clogging in the future! IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT WITH WATERWORKS PLUMBING AND DRAINS INC!!!!

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