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As soon as Michael came to my door, I knew he was an honest man.

I had a leak coming from the second floor when I flushed the toilet, you could hear water flowing down inside the drywall on the main floor dripping down to my basement.

Michael’s first assessment was to replace the toilet wax but noticed that there was water still in the waste bend. Water wasn’t draining. He was very thorough in asking when I got off the septic tank. Really investigating to see whether I was actually off the septic tank.

Michael tried to unplug the water but reported that the issue was with my stack and that it was most likely cast iron. This would require opening up the main floor ceiling.

I wasn’t prepared to proceed further as I have plans to demo the entire house.

Michael is a great person who is knowledgeable and won’t force you into doing a particular job without your consent.

I’ll be using Michael from now on for all the plumbing issues I’ll have.

Oliver NgHomestars
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