Sump Pump Repair Services

What Is A Sump Pump?

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A sump pump is designed to pump water through a pipe away from your home’s foundation. The goal of a sump pump is to protect your basement from flooding and water damage.

To ensure that your sump pump is working to its best capabilities, it must be checked by at least every three years.

Reasons Why You Might Need Our Expertise

  • If your floorboards in your basement start to crack
  • You have moisture in your basement
  • You have a sewage smell in your basement
  • Power outages can lead to sump pump failure
  • If your sump pump is clogged, it may prevent proper drainage and can cause flooding

8 Reasons to Choose WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains

  1. We are a small, local, and family-run business, that has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 24 years. We are not a franchised company.
  2. Michael Yuffa, the Master Plumber has over 41 years of sewer and sump pump expertise. There is no issue that is too large for Michael!
  3. No-money-down financing available
  4. Your time is precious! We carry 99% of the parts and fixtures you may need in our trucks!
  5. We keep the lines of communication open, and we are fully transparent with our customers at all times
  6. We use the finest drain products and equipment to clear and service you’re sump pump
  7. We are fully licensed and insured
  8. Upfront, flat-rate pricing

FAQ’s About Sump Pumps

The sump pump is placed at the lowest point of your basement, because when water enters your basement, it flows to the lowest point. The water flows into the tank and collects there. Your sump pump will pump water out of the tank and remove away from the foundation of your home.

Anyone who has a basement that is underneath the ground should have a sump pump.

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