Bathroom Remodeling in Toronto

Turn your current bathroom into a relaxing oasis with professionally and efficiently installed shower, tub, sink and faucet fixtures today. We repair and replace all makes and models. Call WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains now at (647) 691-0022 to schedule an in home consultation for bathroom remodeling in Toronto.

When a faucet needs repaired, a sink installed, or a shower unclogged so it has perfect pressure, we at the Water Works Plumbing and Drains are the experts to turn to. We have been making plumbing easier for residents all over Toronto and surrounding areas for over 15 years, and our goal is superior customer service that our loyal customers can rely on.Toronto Shower and Tub Repair Services

We specialize in the repair of faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers. When pipes don’t work as they should or drains just aren’t as quick-moving as they used to be, we are the ones to call. We also repair faucets that are cracked, leaking or just needing a touch up due to age. Our job is to make things work better than ever, and leave homeowners satisfied with the great work we do. We guarantee it or the job’s on us.

When shower heads get clogged, our quick and efficient staff can get them working with perfect pressure again. Sometimes sinks and tubs don’t drain the way they should, and when this happens our customers can be left unable to use their tub or shower due to slow-moving drains. One quick phone call saves our clients a lot of plumbing drama and allows us to show them exactly why we are the best at what we do.

We value our services and we want to make sure all of our clients are happy with the work we do, which is why we have a guarantee that our customers don’t pay unless they are 100% satisfied with the work we do. If our customers aren’t happy with our services, they don’t have to pay us, and we will do everything we can to make sure our customers are satisfied from the second they make their call to when we leave their home.

When it comes to service and repair, there is no plumbing issue we haven’t handled before. Whether it’s a razor clogged in a toilet or a sink that hasn’t drained properly in years, we take on any task and get things working the way they should. Great service and a fine attention to our customers is what has kept us going strong for over 15 years, and we invite all Toronto residents and beyond to call us the next time they have a plumbing issue.

If you’d like a new shower or that old sink and faucet combination to be replaced, then contact us today for more information about bathroom remodeling in Toronto. We provide Toronto plumbing services to the entire Toronto area! Call (647) 691-0022.