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If you are a homeowner or property owner with trees on their property, this is the solution you have been looking for. If you are a plumber in Toronto who has received calls that result in roots in drains, this product will make you a lot more popular than costly replacement. If there are trees there are roots. If you have roots they will eventually enter into your drainage system. Repairs are costly. Replacement will cost you thousands of dollars. There is an alternative.

RootX will clear your pipes up to 98% for a lot less money and a guaranteed repair. Our formula foams on contact with water and immediately starts to kill those roots that are causing your drainage problems. It’s just that simple. A call to your plumber and this efficient, economical repair can easily replace the costly venture of replacing an entire drainage system There is a distinct possibility that we are talking thousands of dollars and many hours of labor and no drainage system.

Thirty minutes or less will clear you main line up to 400 feet, with your own maintenance equipment and crews. This will save your municipality a lot of money. It also ensures freedom from constant maintenance on the drainage systems in your community. The storm lines, drainage lines and plumbing lines will remain clear for several years.

Homeowners can benefit by the non-invasive, non-fumigating and non-systemic makeup of RootX. By having your plumbing professional add RootX to your sewer line, drain fields and waste-water collection system you will prevent further delay in drainage. RootX sticks to the top of your pipes as the herbicide kills roots by penetrating on contact. Over time the dead roots decay with restores your pipes to full capacity.

Dichlobenil is the aquatic herbicide that is used in RootX. It is save and will not harm pipes. RootX is available in all states and Canada. Carrying the “Caution” word on it’s container indicates the safety of this product to you. The Environmental Protection Agency has many levels of hazard warnings and this is their lowest warning. This alone should ease your mind about toxic substances being placed in your yard, city or business properties.

This product is not sold to homeowners. It is only available from a plumbing professional. If your plumber is not familiar with the product you can contact the company and they will inform your plumber of its’ availability in your area. Locating a plumber that is already using the product is also an easy task. You can find a list of local plumbing professionals at their website,

The smart way, the safe way and the most economical way to repair your pipes and drainage system is to contact that professional plumber in your area that uses RootX. It will be a quick, inexpensive repair that will last for 2-3 years and prevent you from having to replace your entire drainage system.

Municipalities can benefit by using their own crews to do repairs in a much shorter period of time. Again this is safer, faster and much less expensive than lengthy repair or replacement costs would be for the same if not better result.

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