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Are you in need of a plumber in Oakville? Call us today at 647-692-2511 for immediate service from an Oakville, Ontario plumber or click here to take advantage of our current internet specials and discounts for your Oakville plumbing service.

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Why Choose Us as Your Oakville, Ontario Plumber?

From simple maintenance to complex residential repairs, WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains has been open for business in Oakville for over 16 years. With a professional and courteous staff, our business resolves issues quickly and efficiently. If you are up to your neck in deep water, you will benefit from our professional, knowledgeable and experienced plumbers!

We take pride in every service we provide, no matter how large or small.  We also take pride in the lasting relationships we have created with our customers through the years and that they continue to choose us as their #1 plumber.

Our Oakville plumbers also…

  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction on the services we perform or you don’t pay!
  • Are available to personally answer your calls 24/7
  • Charge what we quote with no hidden fees or surprises
  • Maintain memberships in the Better Business Bureau

Count On Us For Help With

Our plumbers are experienced and capable of handling any situation, below are the most common issues we can help with:

Water heater damage can  sometimes cause major issues with our customers especially in the winters. We can service all types of hot water heaters, old and new.

Blockages and cloggs can cause water damage, bad smells and worse.  Let our expert plumbers find and fix that clogg properly the first time.

Leaking toilet seals can start small but at times lead to major water damage in your home. We will ensure the seal is properly fixed along with any damage it may have created.

Low water pressure can be one of the more annoying plumbing issues around. No one wants to get in the shower to be greeted only by a tiny trickle. We will perform a comprehensive audit of your entire plumbing system to remove trapped air, clogs, and whatever else may be keeping you from the water pressure you deserve.

Our Full-Service Plumbing Solutions Cover the Entire Oakville, Ontario

Our plumbers cover the entire Oakville, Ontario area and don’t charge extra for travel time or to show up between the hours of 8 am to 8pm. Our plumbers in Oakville, Ontario also service both residential and commercial clients.


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