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You know you have a problem if suddenly you’re receiving huge water bills or you notice moist spots on the floor of your basement. You may also experience reduced water pressure or your slab may be Water Leak Detection Torontoabsorbing the bulk of the negative impact by buckling under the added pressure of expanding soil. You probably have a slab leak if you’ve noticed any or all of these issues. This means your water pipes have sprung a leak underneath your foundation.

First you must hire a professional to determine if there is indeed a leak. Next they must perform leak detection services. The last step is to seal the leak and repair any work done to access the leak, restoring your home back to pre-leak condition.

Our service is the most advanced available in leak detection and repair in Toronto. We have the ability to seal off leaks without jack hammering the floor or creating any other disruptive construction debris. We use one of several ways to access and repair the slab leak.

Repair Options

  • Reroute Plumbing to avoid leak
  • Epoxy Restoration
  • Jack hammering the floor and replacing the pipes

If new pipes are installed to reroute the water flow away from the leaking pipes, your water pressure and bill should return to normal once again. The most costly approach to repairing a slab leak is the third option listed: jack hammering the concrete to locate the leaking pipe. Once located, the pipe is cut out and new pipes are laid. The concrete is replaced and once again your water pressure and bills should return to normal.

All of the options listed above will take care of a slab leak; however, the least invasive of the three options is the second option, the epoxy restoration. With this option an epoxy is pumped into the pipes. The epoxy coats the pipes throughout, stopping any leaks that might exist. It also prevents future leaks as well.

The option you choose for your slab leak repair is dependent upon your budget. The best method is the one you choose to end the financial out pouring caused by the leak. We’ll perform the repair with your needs in mind.

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