How to Maintain Your Home Plumbing System

A lot of homeowners and renters don't think about how to maintain a home plumbing system. Their plumbing works and that's all that matters. When there's a problem, they troubleshoot and it resolves or they call a plumber to come and take care of it. While this works for some, proactive plumbing maintenance can save you money and help you avoid emergencies that you don't need. So much relies on your plumbing which is itself a complex system involving many different pipes and appliances. Modern plumbing is tied to bathing, cooking, laundry, and sees daily use. There is no reason not to prioritize its maintenance and yet very few do in large part because we don't think about plumbing until we're faced with a problem that needs immediate resolve. Don't wait for the unexpected and then have to call a plumber. Here is how to maintain your home plumbing system.

Prevent Costly Repairs

A small plumbing problem can grow into an emergency if it's left to fester. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years but allowing a plumbing issue to continue unsupervised is sure to lead to a more costly fix down the line. Maintenance helps you avoid that.

Extend Your Plumbing's Lifespan

Proper care for your plumbing ensures the system lasts longer and can carry on with less stress. The more wear and tear that your plumbing receives that goes uncared for, the more likely you are going to see everything wear down a lot faster than you want.

Avoid Breakdowns

A well-maintained plumbing system catches issues as they occur. There is peace of mind in knowing you aren't going to encounter a breakdown out of the blue one day and have a plumbing emergency on your hands. This level of comfort and security says everything a homeowner needs to know about the value of plumbing maintenance.

Monthly Maintenance Routines To Prevent Plumbing Disasters

On a monthly basis, some simple cleaning and habits can prevent major issues from creeping their way up through your plumbing.

Inspect For Leaks

Check for leaks on all kitchen and bathroom faucets, under sinks, and around appliances around the house. Leaks can be minor at first but they are sure to worsen over time. Many leaks are also very inexpensive to resolve, thankfully.

Check Your Drains

Check every sink and tub drain in your plumbing system. Ensure there aren't any clogs or any difficulties draining water. This does not mean you need to pour down chemical cleaner every month, either. Use natural methods first to keep your drains odor-free and clear.

Test Water Pressure

Water pressure should be within safe limits to avoid undue stress on your plumbing. The most accurate way to check water pressure is to buy a pressure gauge from a local hardware store. Hook it up to a hose faucet. Turn off all other water-using appliances and faucets. A baseline reading should be between 30 and 80 psi.

Seasonal Plumbing Preparedness

As the temperature changes and the year moves from summer to winter, there are some steps to take in seasonal plumbing preparedness. Tailor your maintenance during this period to the prevention of weather-related damage.

Winterize Pipes

Insulate exposed pipes before winter. Ensure the pipes are flushed of any water as well if they are exposed to outdoor temperatures. This will prevent freezing in the pipes and potentially bursting in the cold months.

Check Outdoor Plumbing

Any outdoor plumbing should be inspected come springtime for weather-related damage. Sprinklers and outdoor faucets may have new leaks or worn components that require replacement.

Adjust Settings For Seasons

According to the season and to prevent overuse, optimize water heater settings and water usage if you can. Be sure to monitor your water usage via your utility bill. You may discover ways to save money by using water at different times or by prioritizing a different form of water usage.

Watch Your Water Bill

Your water bill can be a fine indicator of if something's worn down and turned into a leak. A leaky faucet can waste up to eight gallons of water per day and everything from a refrigerator to dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines could be the source of a leak. Check your water bill every season and preferably every month for signs of something that's not quite right.

When To Call A Professional: Recognize The Signs

Though a lot of how to maintain your home plumbing system can be done by the homeowner, there are some situations or escalations that require a professional to get involved. It's essential to know the signs.

Persistent Issues That Won't Go Away

Problems like leaks and clogs that recur again and again despite your best efforts are signs that a professional has to be called in. This demonstrates that there may be a larger issue at hand that has to be dealt with somewhere in your plumbing system that monthly DIY maintenance is not going to resolve.

Consistent Water Pressure Problems

Water pressure should not change a whole lot in your home plumbing system. When there are significant changes in water pressure, it may indicate major plumbing issues that have to be carefully looked at and analyzed with diagnostic tools that a plumber has.

Unusual Noises Or Smells

Any sounds from pipes or foul odors can be signs of deeper problems in your plumbing, requiring a professional's attention. While some sounds may not be bothersome, if they do not go away in time, it's something that should be looked at as you never know what damage it may or may not be causing.

Maintain Your Home Plumbing System With The Plumbing Experts At WaterWorks

For anyone with a home plumbing system, a little bit of monthly maintenance goes a long way. It takes minutes to do a quick check-in and can help you identify simple fixes before they progress into requiring a service call from a plumber. When you need a plumber though, we're there. WaterWorks boasts a strong team of highly skilled professional plumbing technicians at the ready. We can diagnose persistent issues, water pressure problems, and unusual noises or smells, and provide a long-term solution. No home plumbing system is going to work perfectly forever without some routine maintenance. This is something every homeowner can do. Check for leaks. Clear slow-moving drains. Insulate your pipes. Check your water pressure now and again. Any time you want to hear the take of an expert, give WaterWorks a call and we'll dispatch a plumber in no time!

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