Toronto Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Dear Mr and Mrs Homeowner! Is your garbage disposal waste disposer making a humming noise or a loud grinding noise(garberator). Or is is your disposer backing up or not working? Call for Michael Yuffa at WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains now at (647) 691-0022. He is the resident expert in Toronto and GTA for the last 38 Years. His services are always quick, and in cost-effective with an upfront price written out from their price catalogue. Garbage disposal repairs and replacements.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement in Toronto

Signs that your garbage disposal needs repair or a new one installed:

* The disposal is jammed or making strange loud noises
* A sluggish drain after running the garbage disposal
* A foul odor emanating from your sink
* A utensil is caught in the disposal
* Food particles left on dishes in the dishwasher after a complete cycle

Are you having problems with your garbage disposal and don’t know whether you need a new one or if your old one can be revived?

We are the experts of garbage disposal repairs & replacements in Toronto. Just like all appliances, the newer garbage disposals are more efficient than older models. They chop waste more finely which liquifies the waste matter. They are also extremely very quiet! Some dishwasher manufacturers are also including disposal systems that come standard with their dishwashers. This is because food particles can be left on the dishes if your unit is not working properly.

Just in case you invest in a new machine, We now have a extra long warranty arranged through the manufacturer of 9 years! That’s NINE YEARS IN HOME WARRANTY!This is unprecedented in the industry.

If we determine that your garbage disposal can be repaired at a cost far lower than a new disposal, we will let you know. Then you can decide, according to your budget. If you want your older unit repaired or if you would like to have a new and more efficient model installed. No matter which option you choose, we will perform the work only needed with your disposal and leave the work area as clean or cleaner than before we arrived. We always wear Floor protectors on our shoes covers and gloves at all times.

After one of our experienced plumbers has installed your new garbage disposal, We will fully explain how to use your new system, along with regular maintenance that is needed.

Do you need  garbage disposal repair or garbage disposal replacement in Toronto? Contact WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains now at (647) 691-0022 for quick, cost-effective garbage disposal repairs and replacements.