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Flood Prevention in TorontoWant to protect your home or business from floods? Contact WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains now at 647-692-2511 to schedule an appointment for flood prevention in Toronto or surrounding areas!

Flooding can be scary at times, especially when it’s in an urban area like Toronto! There can be flood damage to homes, businesses and motor vehicles. There are ways to help protect yourself and home in the flooding season. The flooding occurs with torrential downfall, snow melting or the spring thaw. Don’t get stressed–just call WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains at 647-692-2511!

The neglect of preparing your home or business for the flooding or sewage backups can be costly. Flood damage can allow mold and bacteria to grow inside your walls or ceilings. Health problems can arise from this type of damage. The entire ceiling, room or wall structure may need to be replaced if steps aren’t taken to prevent flooding. This can cost upwards of $10,000 dollars or more to replace part of your home even more in large business buildings.

Basement flooding in Toronto happens and we would like to share some prevention methods to help you protect and update your home. There are certain items you can install like a backwater valve, sump pump, pipe severance and capping of the storm sewer or even an external weeping tile connection. These are plumbing services that we offer to help homeowners protect their investment.

Consider having a back water pump installed; this helps with basement flooding and raw sewer backups. Severe storms can cause the sewage to back up, even in well maintained sewer systems. A back water pump can be installed in the basement of your home, where you’ll find the exit point. We can also install it in the sewer lateral on the outside of your building or home. There are pipes running underground that carry the sewage from your home to the main sewer. The back water valve gets installed downstream and prevents the sewage from backing up.

A sump pump is used to remove water that’s been collected in a sump basin, found in the basement. Severance and pipe capping keeps your pipes from connecting to the city’s main system. This keeps your pipes from backing up or flooding. Keeping your weeping tiles and pipe drainage system is isolated from the city’s, you’ll find yourself resting much easier when the floods come.

The maintenance of your water management system in Toronto is of vital importance! These systems manage road runoff water, keeping parking areas manageable, re-using the runoff water by creating rain gardens that treat the water for irrigation. Keep your home and business from as much flood damage as possible by taking the proper prevention steps.

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Don’t let floods stress you out–contact WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains at 647-692-2511 for the best flood prevention in Toronto! We’ll help keep you dry.

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