Here a few Toronto plumbing tips and tricks our customers have found useful…

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1Biotechnology – the Leader in Environmentally Friendly products
If the environment and its’ changes are of concern to you and the proper use of substances to clear drain lines, waste-water lines and other potential drainage systems, BioOne is what you have been looking for.

RootX – A Money-Saving Treatment for your Home
RootX will clear your pipes up to 98% for a lot less money and a guaranteed repair.

How Ontario’s HST (Ontario Harmonized Sales) Affects Your Renovation Plans
Will your renovation be affected by the new HST in ways that the old RST and GST wouldn’t have touched it? Here’s a look at the truth about the HST.

Testing for Lead In Your Water
In Toronto, water pipe systems for single houses preceding 1960 might be made from lead. Learn the dangers and how to test.

Make “Snaking” Part Of Your Annual Household Maintenance
The key is to tackle problems with your drains and drain pipes BEFORE problems get expensive.

Four Things You Can Do To Waterproof Your Basement
Four relatively simple things you can do to prevent a leaky or wet basement.

6 Things You Can Do To Avoid Clogging Your Pipes
The easiest way to avoid clogging your pipes is to prevent clogged pipes in the first place. Here are 7 simple things you can do to avoid clogged pipes.

3 Tips For Frozen Pipes
Anybody that has experienced frozen pipes or drains knows that it’s a bigger problem that simply stopping the flow of water or waste.

Why Using A Certified Toronto Plumber Matters
In Ontario, plumbing is a regulated trade, and certification is compulsory. It is regulated to ensure that plumbing practice is safe and risk-free.

Clogged Drains: An Ounce Of Prevention
Everybody has experience clogged drains or waste stacks.  It’s not pretty.  If there’s a total blockage of the drain.

You Could Be Eligible For A Grant, Subsidy Or Rebate
The City of Toronto offers homeowners several programs to offset the cost of new toilets, basement flooding prevention, and tree root problems

Water Purification – Safe Water Might Mean Filtration
Your drinking water may need some improvement. Here are a few options you have to ensure your water is properly purified.

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