Dishwasher Installation

Are Your Dishes coming out Dirty? Is Your Dishwasher 10+ years old?

Let the dishwasher experts at WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains give you peace of mind.

Why You Might Need our Expertise

  • Your Dishwasher is more than 10 years old and is likely malfunctioning and will start to need repairs.
  • Your dishwasher is not properly cleaning your utensils
  • Your dishwasher is using excessive usage of water and electricity
  • The buttons of your dishwasher are not working properly

Dishwasher Installation: A Wise Investment

Although installing a new dishwasher may seem daunting at first, it can actually save you money. Installing a new appliance correctly will eliminate future repairs that often happen when with a new machine. The newest machines are thoughtfully designed which are much more convenient and smarter in their use. New dishwashers are designed to save you water, and electricity, which will save you money on your regular water bills. 

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8 Reasons to Choose WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains

    1. We are a small, local, and family-run business, that has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 24 years. We are not a franchised company.
    2. Michael Yuffa, the Master Plumber has over 41 years of dishwasher installation experience. There is no dishwasher issue that is too large for Michael!
    3. No-money-down financing available
    4. Your time is precious! We carry 99% of the parts and fixtures you may need in our trucks!
    5. We keep the lines of communication open, and we are fully transparent with our customers at all times
    6. We use the best quality products in the marketplace
    7. We are fully licensed and insured
    8. Upfront, flat-rate pricing

Before your dishwasher issue gets out of hand

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