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Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance

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Sump pump maintenance?


Sump Pump Maintenance TorontoMany homes have sump pumps installed to prevent rainwater flooding in basements. When ground water starts to accumulate in a basement the sump pump will kick in and pump water out and away from your foundation. If you want to prevent flooding in your basement, you need to make sure your sump pump is always in working condition, the easiest way to ensure this is with regular maintenance. You should additionally watch for three signs that your sump pump needs maintenance beyond routine measures.

Noise: A large sign that you cannot miss hearing is noise. A sump pump does make a normal amount of noise as it pumps out water, but in a normal home, this noise should not be loud enough to hear in other rooms. If your sump pump suddenly makes an unusual noise such as grinding or suddenly louder than normal, it could be caused by strange matter making it is way into the pump. If chunks of dirt or grit get into your sump pump, they will clog the impeller so that it cannot rotate and pump water out of your basement correctly. A professional plumber can easily clear this blockage.

Rising water: If a sump pump is installed and you have rising water in your basement, there is a sign of trouble. A sump pumps main function is to keep water levels down, if the pump is not working, it means the impeller may be broker or the pump motor may be damaged. A sump pump can even stop working because of clog in its hoses or a faulty float switch. Rather than playing around trying to figure out what the issue might be as water is rising in your basement, you should call a plumber to tackle the issue.

Bad Smells: A basement normally smells somewhat musty, especially if it is an unfinished basement. If you smell a very unpleasant or overpowering odor in your basement, especially near the sump pump there is a good chance that you may have leaking seals or that a small foreign matter is clogging your pump. You need to get your sump pump repaired right away, first to prevent farther damage to your sump pump and second to prevent any health hazards.

Are you considering sump pump maintenance in Toronto or Toronto sump pump repair? Call WaterWorks Plumbing & Drains at (647) 691-0022 and make an appointment today!

How to Clean the Sump Pit

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How to Clean Sump Pit

While sump pumps receive a lot of attention, sump pits don’t. The sump pit has to be given the same importance you would give to your sump pump. It is critical if you want the sump pump to do its duty optimally. You should clean the sump pit once a year at least. Here are a few steps on how to clean the sump pit.

The sump pit should be isolated

Before you go about cleaning the sump pit, disable the sump pump. Disconnect the power and remove its connection to the discharge pipe.


Before you clean the sump pit, make sure that there is adequate lighting around.

Put the sump pump into a bucket

Place the sump pump in a bucket, if you are able to find one that is large enough. It is recommended that you take the pump outside to clean it, as you may not want to dirty the house in the process.

Remove water from the pit

Using a vacuum, remove any standing water from the sump pit. There may be sludge and you will have to scrape this out as well. The sludge might give off a nauseous smell, so make sure that there is adequate ventilation.

Clean the pump

Clean the pump as well as you can. Reconnect the pump with the discharge line. If the pump is boxed in and you open it, any warranties may become void. So be careful.

Reactivate the pump

Attach the power line to the pump. Next, reactivate the drainage system.


If you’re in need of a Markham Plumber to give you tips on sump pump maintenance. Contact WaterWorks Plumbing in Toronto at (647) 691-0022 to schedule an appointment!

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