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Plumbing inspections on new homes


Toronto Plumbing InspectionsOwning a new home can be a lot of work in itself. The last expense that you want to have is plumbing issues. Having a routine plumbing inspection will not only be cost effective but benefit you in the long run, making for the flow of pipes easier to maintain.

Why Should I Have My Home Plumbing Inspected?

We don’t always think about the benefits or harm that can come from maintaining or neglecting plumbing in a new home. Tree roots are often the cause of pipe line breakage and back up. Sometimes the right type of chemicals will breakdown the roots but sometimes small roots latch themselves on making it worse your pipes and your home.

If you are considering buying a renovated home that may have been linked to a cesspool, you will need to get a Toronto plumbing inspection. Most of the time that if your home has a septic system from the city line you will find that it was linked to a cesspool at one point and may still be linked. They only way to tell is if you had an a routine inspection.

Homes built in the 1950’s have sewer lines called Orangeburg, which are made out of tar paper. If you purchase a home that was built in this time you will need to get a plumbing inspection and replaced right away because over time the pipes will collapsed.

An inspector should note whether it is a major defect, safety issue or minor defect, if there are any items that good for use for now but should be monitored very closely and which items should be replace, service or repaired. The plumbing inspection is highly important for the first few days that you sign the contract in the new home because if anything were to go wrong or the inspector found something wrong, you can back out of the house in a good amount of time. a routine maintenance should be performed at least every six months to prevent build up and damage. A good inspector will keep you up to date as to when the next cycle of inspection will be.

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